hand engraving

The traditional hand-engraved and silvered dial of a regulator cannot be improved upon.

The dial is made from brass and the script, rings and numbers are engraved with a hand-graver in the traditional way. No modern technique of etching or laser cutting has been able to equal the grace and delicacy of an engraved line. 

Traditionally, a clockmaker would hand the engraving work to a specialist but nowadays they are very rare indeed. I realised early on that the skill of hand-engraving would need to be mastered by myself if I were to make the clocks I envisaged. 


The tradition of positioning the maker's name and place of work on the face has been retained.


The dial is made of brass and after engraving the script, rings and numbers are filled with shellac wax. The face then is rubbed down with the vertical textured pattern and then silvered using a silver nitrate compound.