There are few things made today that will continue to operate over the next three centuries. An English regulator is one such thing, indeed there are regulators still keeping accurate time that were made in 1750.


I specialise in making English long-case regulator clocks as arguably they are the most accurate weight-driven clocks ever made capable of maintaining a rate of better than ten seconds a year.

I enjoy making every component of my clocks. I hand engrave the dials and build and veneer my own cases. When making a clock one is preparing it for a lifetime of use by many generations who will own and act as custodians of its care.


Each clock is unique and takes almost nine months to build. Nothing compares with the moment when, for the first time, it ticks and comes alive. 

Subsequently, the clock is dismantled and reassembled many times for fitting and finally for polishing. A large part of clock making is the transforming of functional parts into beautifully finished and polished components. When the clock is finally housed in a fine case I believe it qualifies as a work of art.